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This clock kit features dual alarms, a temperature display, time-keeping through power outages, a serial port, and a MIDI style output. In the pictures above the red pushbutton is Time_Set while the black pushbuttons are Minutes_Set and Hours_Set. The alarms are controlled by the two top mounted three-position toggle switches; the three positions are: Alarm_On, Alarm_Off, Alarm_Set. The optional rear mounted toggle switch selects time or temperature operation. The CK3 alarm clock kit uses the DB-1 clock display board. The manual for the Alarm Clock and Thermometer Kit includes detailed building instructions and schematics. The manual is available for download on the Data & Documentation page. See it on YouTube.


  • Case (inches): 5.08 wide x 5.25 deep x 1.5 high
  • Case (mm): 129.03 wide x 133.35 deep x 38.1 high
  • PacTec CM5-125 or
  • Simco 150X5
  • DB-1 Clock Display
  • Four-digit seven-segment red LED
  • Digit height = 0.56 inches = 14.2 mm
  • Four annunciator LEDs
Current-loop output:
  • DIN-5 connector
  • Configurable as MIDI_OUT or
  • alarm audio out or
  • alarm gate out.
RS-232 COM port:
  • Female DB-9 DCE connector.
  • Jumper selectable baud rates of 2400, 4800, 9600, and 19200.
  • Operation from 0 to 70 C, 32 to 158 F.
  • DS18S20 high precision thermometer chip with 0.5C accuracy.
  • Jumper/switch selectable temperature display, with
  • jumper/switch selectable Centigrade or Fahrenheit format.
  • 32768 Hz watch crystal timebase.
  • DS1305 clock/calendar chip.
  • Super-cap backup power good for 8 days.
  • Jumper/switch selectable 12 or 24 hour display format.
  • PIC16F87, reprogrammable flash microcontroller.
  • Socketed 18-pin DIP.
  • Microchip assembler (MPASM) source code included.


None of the kits include the items listed here - which you must purchase yourself.


Item Description Part Number Kit Price
CASE hardware - Simco 150X5 (specify black or beige), red front panel, black rear panel, four circuit board mounting screws CASE-CK3 $12.00
DB-1 Clock Display DB1-CLOCK $13.00
CK3 circuit board kit CK3-PCB-KIT $56.00
CK3 circuit board kit, plus DB1-Clock kit, plus case hardware CK3-FULL-KIT $74.00

The Alarm Clock and Thermometer Kit includes the assembly level source code for the PIC16F87.

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