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I am trying to make this page a resource for embedded programmers and experimenters. I am especially interested in interface standards and data formats. Much of this data is found in the manuals included with Lucid Technologies' products. If you find some data you think should be here, or if you find an error in any of this data, please send me a note.

Download Adobe Most of Lucid Tech's documentation is distributed in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Free versions of the Adobe Acrobat Reader are available for most operating systems. To download a free copy of Acrobat Reader click on the icon to the right.

Simple ASCII value chart.

Resistor value chart.

Standard parallel printer connector and signals.

Typical PC RS-232 (com-port) connectors and signals.

Interfacing to a Macintosh serial port.

Typical PC game-port connectors and signals.

Motorola's 8-bit S-record (S19) data format.

Intel's 8-bit HEX-record data format.

Microchip's INHX8M HEX-record data format.

Microchip's INHX32 HEX-record data format.

Basic serial mouse protocol.

Notes on building your own LP120 programming-modules.

Using HyperTerminal with Lucid Technologies' products.

6801/03 DOS cross-assembler and documentation.

6801/03 programming model and instruction set.

6821 port loading and register data.

LP120 User's Manual.

LP120 Developer's Guide.

MC14489 Data Sheet.

Alarm Clock & Thermometer User's Manual.

Digital Pulse Generator User's Manual.

AT-PS/2 Keyboard Interface Chip (KB1) User's Manual.

ROBOEAR User's Manual.

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