Using HyperTerminal with Lucid Technologies programmers

HyperTerminal came bundled with all versions of Microsoft Windows prior to Vista. If you're using Vista you can download Hyperterminal for free here:

For older versions of Windows, if HyperTerminal wasn't part of your original installation you can add it now by going to the Control_Panel and double-clicking on Add/Remove_Programs. Select the Windows_Setup tab, then under Components, click the Communications line and the Details button. Be sure HyperTerminal is selected and click OK. When the Add/Remove_Programs window returns click OK. HyperTerminal can be found at: Start / Programs / Accessories / Communications (WIN98)

When you first start HyperTerminal a Connection_Description window will come up. Enter a name, such as "Lucid programmer", and select an icon, then click OK. A Connect_To window will come up. Go to the Connect_Using line and select the COM-port you will use to connect to the programmer; then click OK. Remember, this is a direct connection, you are not going through a modem. A COMX_Properties window will come up next. Make the following settings:

Now click on the File menu, Properties, and select the Settings tab. Set Emulation to ANSI. Click on the ASCII_Setup button. Set the Line_delay to 1 millisecond and the Character_delay to 0 milliseconds. Click the OK button for the ASCII_setup window and the OK button on the Properties window.

The last step in the setup is to save the terminal settings so you won't have to go through this process every time you use HyperTerminal. Click on the File menu, Save_as, check that the file name is correct, and click on Save. The next time you want to run HyperTerminal you can simply double-click on the file name (Lucid and HyperTerminal will begin with all the correct settings.

Connect your programmer to the COM-port and turn it on; the initial menu should appear in the HyperTerminal window. Remember that all Lucid Technologies programmers transfer files in ASCII format, that is what HyperTerminal calls Text format. For example, to Upload a device driver program to an LP120 you would type U (for Upload) then Enter to confirm the upload. The LP120 will now wait for the transfer to begin. To begin the transfer, go to the HyperTerminal Transfer menu, Send_Text_File, select the file to send, and click the Open button. The transfer will start immediately, unfortunately HyperTerminal doesn't provide a transfer progress indicator so you will have to wait for the programmer to send a message acknowledging the end of the file. Downloads of data from the programmer are done with the Transfer, Capture_Text option.

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