The Joymouse conversion kit is no longer available. It was designed to allow an analog joystick to double as a serial mouse. The original Joymouse magazine article appeared in the January 1998 edition of Electronics Now. Lucid Technologies sold the last Joymouse circuit board in July of 2000.

The Joymouse circuit board is small enough to mount in the base of most joysticks. It must be wired to the joystick power, pots, and pushbuttons. A serial cable leads from the circuit board to your PC. When the modification is finished the joystick will have two cables; one to the game port and one to the mouse com port; and it will be switch selectable as either a joystick or a serial mouse. The Joymouse can be used with any program that normally works with an RS-232 serial mouse. It is not PS2 or USB compatible.


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