The LP110 was designed as a general purpose EPROM programmer. With three different programming-modules it can program 2716, 2732, and (2764/27128/27256) EPROMs. Programming-modules are essentially socket adapters that are easily constructed from readily available proto-boards. Complete schematics for the LP110 and personality modules are included.

The LP110 communicates with the host system via an RS-232 serial port. A communications program capable of ASCII file transfer is the only software required, so the LP110 will work with almost any computer regardless of operating system or processor type. EPROM programming is controlled via the following menu:

   [1] Set EPROM size              [P] Program EPROM from RAM
   [2] Set programming voltage     [V] Verify EPROM with RAM
   [3] Set programming algorithm   [C] Compute RAM checksum
   [4] Set EPROM base address      [M] Modify/display RAM
   [5] Set file transfer format    [R] Read EPROM into RAM
   [E] EPROM erase check           [D] Download RAM
   [U] Upload program to RAM       [Q] Quit to opening menu

The LP110 is also an excellent experimenter's board.

The LP110 is also a general purpose MC6803 8-bit computer. Each LP110 comes with a developer's package, providing access to the LP110's hardware and software resources. The LP110 source code and a cross-assembler are included. This allows the hobbyist to design custom hardware interfaces and write the software drivers for them. Custom programs can be burned into the EPROM or uploaded to the LP110 and executed from RAM without modifying the EPROM.



  • Circuit board size: 6.75 x 5.75 inches
  • Power: 5VDC for LP110 circuitry
  • EPROM: 16k bytes
  • RAM: 40k bytes


  • EPROM file transfer formats: Motorola S-record, Intel HEX-record
  • EPROMs programmed: 2716, 2732, 2764, 27128, 27256
  • EPROM Programming voltage: 5V to 25.5V in 0.1V steps
  • EPROM Programming algorithms: 2 standard and 4 fast algorithms


  • Serial interface: RS-232, DCE, no handshaking
  • Serial connector: 9-pin female
  • Serial format: 8N1
  • Baud rate: 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
  • Programmable DC supply input: 6VDC
  • Programmable DC supply output: 5V to 25.5V in 0.1V steps
  • Parallel IO: Two 6821 PIAs providing four 8-bit ports and two control lines
  • Callable software utilities in EPROM

Note: The LP120 is an improved version of the LP110. Programming-modules from the LP110 are compatible with the LP120. If you own an LP110 see the upgrade offer on the LP120 page.
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