LP110 to LP120 Upgrade

A special offer for owners of the LP110 EPROM programmer

If you haven't already done so please read the LP120 page. The LP120 has two significant advantages over the LP110.

1) Not only is the programming voltage (Vpp) controllable, but the programming socket voltage (Vps) is too. Both power supplies have increased current capacity. The ability to vary both voltages, plus the increased current capacity, gives the LP120 the potential to program a much wider list of devices; virtually any programmable device now in existence.

2) All device drivers are now uploaded from the host. This allows the inclusion of more toolbox subroutines in the LP120 firmware and makes for a consistent user interface.

Using parts from your LP110

The following chips can be removed from their sockets on your LP110:
   MAX232       6264         62256        6803         78S40
   74HC14       74HCT573     6821(2 pieces)

Your EPROM programming module(s) will work with the LP120, no modifications are required.

With very little change, you can also recycle your LP110 power supply. Whether bridge or center-tapped, the full-wave-rectified unregulated DC voltage from your LP110 power supply should be in the right range for the LP120.

LP110 power conversion

The upgrade kit

The upgrade kit is a special deal for owners of the LP110. With the exception of the nine ICs you can recover from the LP110, the upgrade kit includes the LP120 circuit board and everything you'll need to finish it.
    You will also receive:
  1. LP120 User's Manual, including schematics.
  2. LP120 Developers' Guide
  3. Provided at no-charge; a freeware DOS cross-assembler.
  4. Device drivers, programming-module schematics, and manuals for:
  5. Power supply schematics, based on 20V C.T. transformer.
The cost for the upgrade kit is only $81.00.

If you have any questions please send email.

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