LP120 Development Partners

Although the LP120 is capable of programming nearly every programmable device in existence, the current list of devices it can do is rather short. My time has been occupied with other projects and I haven't been able to develop the LP120's potential as I would like. So, for those that meet the requirements, here is the deal. If you are familiar with Motorola assembly code, have experience in hardware design, AND are interested in developing programming modules for chips you would like to program - you are eligible. I can provide you with:
1. A full LP120 kit, at the same price as the LP110 upgrade kit.
2. Complete documentation on the LP120 hardware and software.
3. Email and telephone assistance.
4. Royalties on the sales of any hardware/software you develop.

In return I ask that you develop the programming module and driver software for at least one new device. If you are better with hardware than software perhaps we could team-up, you prototype the programming module and I write the driver, or vice-versa. I am open to all serious inquiries, just ask.

Don't think of this as a way to get rich though. The market for device programmers is relatively small and there is lots of competition. Still, I think there is a niche for the LP120 with experimenters and hobbyists.

So, what are you waiting for? Email me with any questions you may have and lets get started!