TMF 1.0

Front View Rear View

The TMF 1.0 is a combination clock and timer display - the perfect solution wherever you need a time-of-day display, minute downcounter, or both. See the TMF User's Manual on the Data & Documentation page for full details. If the specifications aren't exactly what you need, inquire about customization for your particular requirements. Shown below are the TMF circuit board in a custom podium clock/timer we manufactured for one of our customers.

Rear View

The Mode switch places the TMF 1.0 in either Clock or Timer (Minute Downcounter) mode.

In Clock mode the display shows the time of day. For 12-hour format a separate LED indicates AM. The colon between the hours and minutes digits blinks every other second. In this mode the Set (Adjust) switch increases the time by 25 minutes per second in the up position and 2 minutes per second in the down position.

In Timer mode the AM LED, colon, and hours digits are all blanked. The Set switch increases the minutes by 10 per second in the up position and decreases the minutes by 2 per second in the down position. After setting the desired number of minutes, the display will countdown to 00, at which time the 00 display will flash.

The time of day is still maintained while in Timer mode and minutes downcount continues while in Clock mode. This allows switching from one mode to the other without disrupting the function of either mode.

Height = 2.05 inches (52 mm), Width = 4.4 inches (112 mm). The circuit board has four mounting holes for #6 screws.
LED Display:
Digits are red, 0.56 inches (14.2 mm) high with central colon and no decimal points.
14-18 VAC at 90 mA for full-wave center tapped, or 8-10 VAC at 135 mA for full-wave bridge.
Price: $21.00 assembled-and-tested.Quantity discounts available!

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