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Alarm Clock & Thermometer

Alarm clock views

This clock kit features dual alarms, a temperature display, time-keeping through power outages, a serial port, and a MIDI style output. The CK3 alarm clock kit uses the DB-1 clock display board. The manual for the Alarm Clock & Thermometer kit is available on the Data & Documentation page. See it on YouTube.

The CK3 clock board and DB1 display board were designed to fit in the following plastic cases: Simco 150X5, Pactec CM5-125, Bud PC-11402. You can of course purchase a different case or build your own.
A 32768 Hz watch crystal is the time reference for the DS1305 clock/calendar chip. A super-capacitor backup keeps the DS1305 ticking for 8 days during a power outage.
The temperature sensor is a DS18S20 rated for 0.5 C accuracy from 0 to 70 C.
User supplied +9 volt DC wall-wart, 2.1 mm barrel connector, center positive. Current consumption >= 100 mA.
Price: $68.99 circuit board kit. This kit includes everything except the power supply, case and switches.

The current firmware version is B.04.