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RB02 - Rocket Beeper

Rocket Beeper top view Rocket Beeper bottom view

The Rocket Beeper 2 (RB02) is an acoustic locator designed for use with model rockets. The RB02 has several advantages over other acoustic rocket finders. It has a DC-to-DC converter that boosts the nominal 3.7 volts from a single cell LiPo battery to 12 volts so the beeper will always operate at its optimum voltage and produce the loudest tone. The RB02 has the same dimensions as the RB01 but unlike the analog RB01, the RB02 is controlled by a microprocessor. This allows it to conserve battery capacity and prevent unrecoverable discharge of the battery. For complete details on the RB02, and the optional battery charger module, see the RB02 User's Manual on the Data & Documentation page.

Approximately 9.75 grams, without battery.
Diameter of 24.5 mm. Compatible with BT-55 or larger body tubes.
Length of 51.6 mm.
3.1 to 4.2 volt battery using JST PH2 connector, 100 to 200 mAh.
Audio output:
Approximately 3550 Hz.
Beep rate 1 +-30% Hz.
Sound pressure level 108 dB at 10 cm.
The RB02 is available from Apogee Components.
RB02 accessory prices (Not including shipping):
Spare 150 mAh battery: $6.00
USB powered battery charger: $6.75