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Here are some freeware tools and games for Windows from Lucid Technologies. All programs include a user manual in the ZIP archive.

8-bit Object File Tool

If you program 8-bit microprocessors or microcontrollers you probably use Motorola S19 or Intel HEX files. This program allows you to view, convert, relocate, merge, and compare S19 and HEX files. Files are compared address by address over the entire 64k address space of 8-bit microprocessors. Data can be stored as Motorola S19, Intel HEX or Straight-hex files.

Polyalphabetic Cipher Program

This program, inspired by the works of Jules Verne, uses a polyalphabetic substitution cipher to encode and decode ASCII text files. Unlike the primitive ciphers Verne dealt with, this program can use any printable ASCII character in the text or code key; this makes decoded messages more understandable and greatly increases the difficulty of breaking the code.

F-4 Interceptor Game

This program simulates the airborne fire control radar found in the F-4E Phantom II. See if you can run a successful radar intercept. See it on YouTube.

Retro Trek Game

This game is an updated version of the great Star Trek games from the 1980s that used limited "terminal graphics". This game includes sound and limited color graphics. See if you can destroy invading Klingon and Romulan warships. See it on YouTube.