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LP130 Device Drivers and Programming-Module

Programming Modules (PM) can both program the target device and read it - if the device's security settings allow reads. Reading Modules (RM) can only read the target device - such as the masked ROM in the MC6801.

Device(s) Device Driver Programming Module
2764/A, 27C64, 27128/A, 27C128, 27256, 27C256 2764-27256_(date code).D13 PM-2764
ATF16V8 ATF16V8_(date code).D13 PM-ATF16V8
MC6801/U4 6801_(date code).D13 RM-6801
MC68701/U4 68701_(date code).D13 PM-701
PIC16(L)F171X, PIC12(L)F1822/PIC16(L)F182X, PIC16(L)F193X/194X/PIC16LF190X, PIC16(L)F1847/PIC12(L)F1840, PIC16(L)F151X/152X, PIC16(L)F178X PIC 14-8000-16_(date code).D13 PM-16C
PIC16(L)F188XX, PIC16(L)F153XX, PIC16(L)F184XX PIC 14-8000-24_(date code).D13 PM-16C

1) Device drivers are $4 each.

2) Each device driver comes with a manual in PDF format. The manual includes the schematic and parts list for the required programming-module.

3) Lucid Technologies sells a prototyping board specifically designed to construct programming modules for the LP120 and LP130.